GTAF Collaboration Opportunities

GTAF Collaboration Opportunities

We are GTAF, dedicated to developing and managing a variety of Islamic applications. Our mission is deeply rooted in leveraging technology to enhance the spiritual and educational journey of the Ummah. At GreenTech, we believe in the power of collaboration and are enthusiastically open to partnering with like-minded individuals, organizations, and tech enthusiasts.

Our aim is to collectively push the boundaries of what’s possible in Islamic digital solutions. By collaborating with us, you’re not just contributing to a project, but you’re also joining a movement to increase the Ummah’s edge in understanding and practicing their faith. The work produced through our collaborations can be mutually utilized by both parties. Moreover, we are open to considering the open-source release of these projects, ensuring that our joint efforts contribute to a larger cause and reach a wider audience.

We invite you to join us on this journey of exploration and innovation in Islamic education and spirituality. Together, let’s create tools and resources that resonate with Muslims worldwide and aid them in their daily practice of Islam in sha Alla.

Feel free to contact us if you feel like you want to contribute to any of the below projects:

Quran Audio Dataset: Gather More Good Quality Data

This project aims to enrich the Quran Audio Dataset with high-quality recordings, focusing on diversifying the collection.

It includes

  • gathering audio from child and female reciters,
  • whispering Quran recitations.
  • Gathering audio dataset for other recitations like:
    • Doori
    • Qaloon
    • Khalaf
  • Sourcing from YouTube under Creative Commons licenses for user-recited verses
  • Correctly labelling the Tarteel User recited Dataset that can be improved with manual reviews.
  • Additionally a Telegram bot could be creating for daily audio submissions, allowing community members to rate and enhance the collection’s quality.

Conjugation Verb This initiative focuses on developing an algorithm for arabic verb conjugation. It will facilitate a deeper understanding of verbs and will allow generating conjugations on the go.

This is an example website

Connecting Text with Emotions This project explores the connection between emotions text through llm. It involves categorizing Allah’s names and Quranic verses based on different emotions.


Deen Quiz The aim here is to refine and enhance the quality of our Deen Quiz database through llm. This involves scrutinizing and correcting the existing data to ensure accuracy and depth.

Find out Stop Words / Filler Words in Each of Our Quran Word by Word Databases This project involves identifying and cataloging stop words or filler words present in Quranic databases. The objective is to generate possible meanings based on the word by word meanings of a root word search so that we can get some understanding within the existing meanin

An example is given here:

Concept Design:

How Can We Make Seerah Accessible? This initiative seeks ways to make the life and teachings of the Prophet (Seerah) more accessible to practicing Muslims. It draws inspiration from how the Sahabah (companions of the Prophet) taught Seerah alongside the Quran. The goal is to integrate Seerah into the lives of Muslims in a way that is easy to learn, remember, and implement in daily life, thus enhancing their understanding and practice of Islam.

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